Saturday, 13 February 2010

From a Feild to a city

Pictures of a concept model

Magnetic City is the concept of attracting objects (habitable spaces) to a certain system according to people’s (citizens) demand.
- The more the demand the more objects the system attracts.
- The flexibility of having to add and remove as many objects as needed over time. As, there is no point having a building if there are no people to inhabit it.
- This is related in the design by having blocks that attach to a wall (a system), And block attaching to blocks (one magnetises the other) depending on the demand.
- Objects lifted above ground as if they are floating in space, and they create parking areas for cars underneath.

From Object to Feild


Circulation Diagram

My Strip with site context

Group Patterns on site

Group members with their strips.

Group Diagram: Showing the surrounding Context of our site.

Group Diagram: Shwing Public and Private areas
Group Diagram: showing Vehial and Pedestian routes

Group Diagram: Showing existing buildings on the site