Wednesday, 21 October 2009

North Greenwich Media City Project

North Greenwich:

This area has been undeveloped until the 19th century. From archaeological and history record the area supported abundant wildlife. Then industrial development swept the area and much of the wildlife was lost. Some of the industries were mostly to manufacture chemical, steel, submarine ropes, cables and soap. The area has been good access to the river for importing and exporting goods also for getting rid of wastes. In 1887 the area was the largest gasworks site in Europe, where it has supplied gas to communities for about hundred years in South-East of London. Now a master plan for the Greenwich peninsula has been developed creating a high quality, modern, urban community near the O2 Arena (the largest entertainment complex in London). Unit 9 will Design a media block on the site of London's new Media Campus. This area covers 74 hectares with 2.5 km of river frontage touching the Thames river form two sides.

GMC= 0.00

Gas Workers


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