Thursday, 12 November 2009

Pattern Development

At this stage, i have completed a sketch model and tested it on the site. i now have a wider view of turning an object into a field and how to deal with a large site area, to create interesting spacing. I now have to start thinking about a "system"

Some images of the pattern 3d- model on the site model.

I took the lines from my pattern and built a 3-d sketch cardboard model to see how my 2d pattern would look in 3d.

As a group we have divided the site into 5 strips and applied our patterns on to it. To start engaging with the environment and understand our pattern on a bigger scale as well as a bigger area (field).

Finally, i started looking at the pattern more as a field and i will now start applying the lines onto a bigger scale to test the spaces that could be created within it.

Cells have been moved at a specific rule, creating clusters in different areas.

Those previous lines rule have created some enclosed cells (shapes), here i have offset those shapes creating empty spaces between them.
My next step was finding a new pattern within the chosen developed pattern. And i have experimented by finding similar continuous lines running through the pattern vertically.

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